​​Western Ohio Watercolor Society

From the President

Gathering of the B-17's at Grimes Fields, Urbana

Artist entrance on May 19th and 20th is  at the Grime's

Hanger. The facilities offer a lunch room for the artists

to take a break, keep lunch/water in one the

refrigerators, etc.  The building will be open to the

public. Labeling items will not prevent others from sampling but is essential.

The Champaign Aviation Museum "Art in Aviation" Exhibit Opening Night for June 2nd from 6-8pm. This will be an exclusive showing for museum members only. The exhibit will be open  and can be enjoyed by the public on June 5th through June 30th.  Art should be picked up by July 6th. Art left beyond July 10th, 4 pm closing time, will be presumed In-Kind donation to the Champaign Aviation Museum. Please make note.

They will have volunteers available for tours, and the artists should be available as well-if you do not plan on painting, you can attend this event as well. 

The event will include large, framed, and matted photos taken during the week of the Gathering of the B-17's, as well. Lots going on and if you have any questions, please contact me for more details.


Robine Wright