Western Ohio Watercolor Society


Award for Excellence in Watercolor Fall Watercolor Show 2016 

Top left: Donna Pierce-Clark, Shirlee Bauer, Dianna Hoke, Leonard Williams, Rose Schultz

Bottom left: Marcie Roe, Steven Purdon, Pat Dunker, Billie Dickson, Connie S. Gifford

43 Annual Members Show | Springfield Art Museum | 

The 43rd Annual Members Show at Springfield Art Museum is in the process of being loaded and up on our website.  The show title is "WATERWORKS" - Western Ohio Watercolor Society.  You will have until January 31, 2017 to enter the show.  Every member will have one painting accepted into the show.  However, you are allowed up to three entries.  The show fee is $25.00 for the initial entry and $10.00 for any additional paintings.  So you may enter three for $35.00.  The eligibility for this show will be membership dues being current.  Artwork can not be from a workshop or class, copied from another artist and can not have appeared in a previous WOWS show.

March 4, 2017 through September 24, 2017
SPRINGFIELD MUSEUM OF ART, 107 Cliff Park Road, Springfield, OH  45501
SPRINGFIELD MUSEUM OF ART handles any sales and transactions with a 30% commission.

Award for Excellence in Watercolor "Waterworks" Show 2017 

Top left: 1st Place, "Adkins' Acres" by Rhonda Sloan; 2nd Place, "What's in a Name?" by Dan Knepper; 

3rd Place, "Monterey Harbor IL" by Yuki Hall;  Honorable Mention, "Milkweed Explosion" by Shirlee Bauer; 

Bottom left: Honorable Mention, "View from The Rock" by Connie Gifford; Honorable Mention, "Miller Knox Park, by Sara Kahn;  James Investment Research Inc. Merit award, "Dance Away" by Shirlee Bauer;

McGregor Merit Award, "Alone with my Creator", by Marcella Roe​