Due to COVID-19 the WOWS Show at Rosewood Arts Centre is now online and the staff at Rosewood Arts Centre have just released the names of the winners picked by their staff. They are as follows:

Whisper of the Orient - Rosie Huart (1st place)
Storm Burst - Shirlee Bauer (2nd place)
Cruisefest - Rose Schultz (3rd place)
Winter Hikers - Carol Collett (Honorable Mention)
Colorful Falls  - Libby Rudolf (Honorable Mention)

The link to their website is: https://www.playkettering.org/rosewood-virtual-gallery/

Western Ohio Watercolor Society 2017 Juried Member's Show

Juror: Suzanne Accetta

WOWS Member's Show at Rosewood Show 
From March to May, 2020
2655 Olson Drive, Kettering OH 45420

Western Ohio Watercolor Society 2018

Urban Dayton Show

Western Ohio Watercolor Society 2016 Juried Member's Show

Juror: Vlad Yeliseyev

Shows & Events

Western Ohio Watercolor Society 2019 Juried Members Show

Juror: Judi Betts

Judy Betts was the juror for our show that included a total of 20 artists. "Judi took 3 to 3.5 hours judging". In addition to the 4 main Excellent awards, Ms. Betts gave 5 honorable mentions.
Eunice Bronker, James R. Lefebvre, Elizabeth Martin, Rose Schultz,
Shirlee Bauer, Patricia Dunker, Connie Gifford, Mary Jo White, Linnae Wilson

Western Ohio Watercolor Society 2018 Juried Member's Show

Juror: Christopher Leeper

Upcoming show at Troy Hayner-Culture Center:

Member can look forward to and start planing for our juried Watercolor show at the Troy Hayner-Culture Center later this summer in 2021.

The opening date for the show is August 16, 2021,  with tentative dates for take in Sunday August15 or Saturday 14. It will continue through October 3, 2021.

​​Western Ohio Watercolor Society

Member's Show at Springfield Museum of Art

 “The Art of Watercolor”
Western Ohio Watercolor Society
46 Annual Members Show

Show runs December 19, 2020 through April 11, 2021

WOWS members show is now online for a virtual show on the Springfield Museum of Art’s website listed below:

Please continue to check the website to see when the museum will be back open

Painting Pickup date: Saturday April 17, 2021, from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm