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Leslie Trimbach


Leslie has always had a creative need to draw and paint. The beauty she sees in the little things in life inspire her to incorporate that in her art. She loves adding all of the little details, colors and textures and finding what is special in her subject to capture in the final design.

All of her life she had a pencil or a paintbrush in her hand...creating has always been a part of who she is. Leslie grew up in a very creative and encouraging atmosphere where she learned to use a variety of different mediums. She also had innovative and talented professors in college who taught her the foundational skills she still uses in her work today.

When Leslie was 8 years old she took a weekly watercolor class with a local Artist, Roger Haas. He was hesitant to include me in the class because of her age, but after the first class, he told her mother that she was a natural watercolor artist. Over the years she have experimented with every medium possible, and while she still occasionally paints with oils or draw with colored pencils, her love of watercolor remains. She loves the versatility, translucent colors and the unpredictable magic of watercolor.

Oct 17, 2023

She is a visual artist, illustrator, surface pattern designer, product designer and teacher, with a Fine Art degree from the University of Dayton and a 20+ year track record creating  and producing top-selling products for the infant and home furnishings industry as well as gift, wall art, tabletop and decor categories.

She is a licensed artist with Wild Apple Graphics, Fine Art Publisher and Licensor, creating art for wall decor and licensed products.  Leslie uses her fine art foundation and drawing skills as a base, then make it contemporary and current using techniques and technology. She will never stop creating, learning and growing as an artist!

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November and December 2023