​​Western Ohio Watercolor Society

Charlene Fox



May 16, 2023

Charlene is a visual artist working primarily in watercolor. Since 2016, she has been captivated by watercolor’s unique and varied qualities. Watercolor’s fluidity, transparency and texture-creating characteristics make working in this medium both a joy and a challenge. While she has always had a creative outlet (textiles, fiber, clay, paper), with limited formal training she doubted her ability to effectively draw or paint. Starting in mixed media with a sense of abandon and play led to discovering watercolor. 

[A picture containing weapon, missile, spring Description automatically generated] She has continued to learn and develop the skills needed to realize her visions in her work. She starts all her painting sessions with that sense of play and exploration and it continues to inspire and energize her work.  A desire to finish watercolor paintings without glass led to the use of cold wax medium to seal the paintings. In addition to eliminating the need for glass that she feels adds visual interference, the finish has a pleasing slightly softening effect on the paintings. Charlene occasionally uses encaustic to finish watercolor paintings when she is looking for a different finished effect.  Both encaustic and cold wax medium have many more applications that she looks forward to exploring in the future.